This is a kit containing 6 delicious soaps of your choosing that will last at least a month for 4 persons. Now you will always have a delightful bath without the stress of having to buy soap at the last minute!



Please let us know in the comment box which soaps you would like to choose from the 11 options we have available.

If we are out of stock in a specific scent you wanted (rare, but it can happen), we will be reaching out to you so we can coordinate a replacement of your liking.

If you do not let us know which scents in particular you would prefer, we will be sending an assortment of soaps, since they are all delicious.

Handcrafted in Panama
Vegan (almost all, check each one)
Lovingly packed in recyclable paper with eco friendly inks.
4 ounces / 113 gr.

*Price does not include 7% of sale’s tax.

Additional information

Additional Information

Please check each individual soap for their respective ingredients in detail.


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